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A Message from the Founder...


Professional Presence for Young People of Color 

In the ten years that Ovation has been in existence, we have had the immense privilege of providing our clients with first-class training in the art of professional presence and communication. In the last few years, many of our clients have begun to pursue EDI (Equity Diversity & Inclusion) training for their employees. They’ve enlisted our expertise in professional communication to help them implement a culture of constructive engagement around serious topics in their respective workspaces. We have learned our clients’ goals are not to diversify their workforce in the short term, but to groom people of color to assume leadership positions over the long term.

Today more companies than ever seek to welcome more people of color into their leadership ranks. We want young POC to be ready when they become a candidate for these positions in any corporation, organization, or institution. As we work with our clients to prioritize equity, it has become apparent that we are uniquely positioned to help steer capable candidates of color to the corporations and organizations that we serve. Hiring decisions are often made on the margins in a hyper-competitive job market. The fact that fear of public speaking cuts wages by 10% and inhibits promotion to management by 15% indicates that learning to deliver effective, confident presentations can help young people distinguish themselves from other strong candidates with whom they will compete in the global marketplace. It is often the difference between seizing an opportunity and merely having an opportunity.

We at Ovation share the inclusive vision of America embraced by many of our clients and are happy to help young POCs seize their opportunities by offering our expertise in professional presence and public speaking completely free of charge. Be Ready is about helping the next generation of young professionals be ready for the opportunities that await them in whatever vocation they choose.